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MINEVIK Machinery is a leading and pioneering enterprise with the most advanced international level in R&D, manufacturing and selling of large-scale crushing & screening plants and beneficiation plants.

large-scale crushing & screening plants and beneficiation plants.

All of our equipment have got ISO international quality system certification, European Union CE certification and Russian GOST certification.

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AS a leading global manufacturer of crushing and milling equipment, we offer including quarry, aggregate, grinding production and complete stone crushing plant. We also supply individual crushers and mills as well as spare parts of them.


Our goal is to guarantee the excellent operation equipment with high safety for our customers and minimize the downtime of the machine by predictive maintenance. Kefid service and original accessories can be 100% trusted at the time of maintenance.


Minevik service and original accessories can be 100% trusted at the time of maintenance.


striving to enable customers to get the parts in the nearest place.


Our sales market is spread all over more than 100 countries and regions

cardinal tetras without gravel and plants

cardinal tetras without gravel and plants

Cardinal Tetra, Paracheirodon Axelrodi Profile, with care . Similar to the more common neon tetra the cardinal has more stunning stripes. The Cardinal Tetra has long been one of my favorite fish for its beauty in schools. It is in an inside room (no sunlight) with black gravel and well planted with Java Fern they make a stunning display. In the

How to Care for Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra Fish

17/04/2011· In order to make the tank even more natural for your tetras, you can grow floating plants that shade the aquarium. Equipment: Neon tetras and cardinal tetras are tropical fish and require a heater that keeps the aquarium at about 72–80 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, they need a filter to provide a home for beneficial bacteria and to aerate

cardinal tetras without gravel and plants santhosa.nl

Please help! , (2 cardinal tetras, , 1 black neon tetra and 1 dayglow tetra I also got a load of new plants . cardinal tetras without gravel and plants 19873. cardinal tetras without gravel and plants Keeping Discus Watershed Aquaculture Tripod If the choice is not to house Discus in a bare tank, .

All About the Cardinal Tetra (Red Neon Tetra)

The cardinal tetra is an omnivorous species and will accept most foods. These fish have high vitamin requirements, so at least 75 percent of their food should be quality flake food. Cardinal tetras especially appreciate live and frozen foods, but if fed them exclusively they may reject prepared food later on. If only doing one to two feedings a

How to keep Neon Tetras in a planted tank: NEON TETRAS

3/04/2011· Neon Tetras, You have to love the most classic aquarium fish. NEON TETRAS. This is how to keep NEON TETRAS. I keep these Neon Tetras in a 90 gallon Tetra

Cardinal Tetra for Sale- Tank Raised AquariumFish.net

Cardinal Tetra for Sale SKU. Pictures and these Cardinal Tetras now live in many aquariums throughout most of the world. Click here for more about aquarium gravel. Live Plants are beautiful,

Cardinal Tetra Spectacular (FREE SHIPPING!) 50 Cardinal

arrived on tine with no problems would use again.garth I purchased 50 cardinal tetra about 20 days ago and I only lost one of these guys and all have show there full colours by now by following the instructions posted above but I have a slightly higher ph at between 7.2 and 7.4 because I put them in my tank with my native rainbows which I purchased at the same time,all my fish arrived on time

Cycling Fish Pod 64 aquarium with 3 cardinal tetras and

24/09/2011· Get YouTube without the ads. WorkingSkip trial 1 month free. Find out why Close. Cycling Fish Pod 64 aquarium with 3 cardinal tetras and new plants

Keep Cardinal Tetra in your fishtank aquarium-fish

25/11/2017· Keep Cardinal tetra in your Aquarium We show you information about the most popular ornamental fish in the world: keeping water quality breeding and much more discover now! aquarium-fish-plants

What Kind of Plants & Decorations Do Tetras Like? Pets

Tetras don't enjoy unfiltered light, and they're not the type of fish to stand their ground. A few decorations and a lot of plants block out the intrusive light and give the small swimmers a place to dart into in the event that another fish gives them a menacing look.

Cycling Fish Pod 64 aquarium with 3 cardinal tetras and

24/09/2011· Get YouTube without the ads. WorkingSkip trial 1 month free. Find out why Close. Cycling Fish Pod 64 aquarium with 3 cardinal tetras and new plants

Cardinal Tetra Care Sheet ClubFauna

The majority of people who house cardinal tetras will usually use a sand type substrate. Others use a very fine gravel and have had no problems with their tetras. If you want your cardinal tetras to stand out, try using a black sand substrate. Note: The information on this cardinal tetra care sheet is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Unexpected death of my tetras | Tropical Fish Forums

10/08/2019· It looks like you have 3 cardinal tetras and 1 neon tetra left in the tank. Cardinal tetras have the red line running the full length of the body, whereas the neons have the red line going about half way along the body and a white belly. Cardinals will tolerate warmer water than neons but they both like a dimly lit tank or a tank with lots of floating plants and a dark base and background.

Can I have tetras like neons in my aquarium without

26/04/2006· fake plants do everything live plants do except grow and clean your water no plants may encourage your tetras to school more if you have enough of them. lack of hiding places should keep them scared enough to stay in a group most of the time, but might cause them some stress since it doesn't seem like being scared al lthe time would be good for any living thing

Cardinal tetras and rummy nose tetras Fish for the

13/08/2018· My tapwater is hard (kh = 5, dh > 16, tds >300, ph = 7.4 before CO2 then 6.4 after CO2) but I have been keeping my cardinal tetras for over a year now and rummy nose tetras for 4 months. What I did was I quarantined them first for about a month (bare container with heater and cycled filter) and then drip acclimated them after. In my experience

The skinny on tetras Fish for the Planted Aquarium

8/03/2007· I actually brought home 10 cardinal tetras today, which I ordered from an LFS and picked up before they were taken out of the bag from the distributor and while they acclimated fine, a couple seem to be damaged slightly from the trip I guess. One is pretty much clear right now and I have it in my q-tank...with not many options for treatment

Ideas for a tank with German Blue Rams and Cardinal

18/06/2013· I was wondering, what kind of substrate is best for them? It currently has gravel and a few live plants, yes I know they may tear them up but it's a risk I'm willing to take. xD I'd like them to breed, so I want settings just right for them in a light community type. I also intend to have some cardinal tetras with them, five of them. So

Tetras Freshwater Livefish.au Australia's

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Changed gravel, killed fish Freshwater Substrates

1/11/2010· Then I put in the gravel. It was rinsed. I managed to put it in without disturbing the water too much. Then I put back in most of their decorations and plants. They all seemed fine at first. They were swimming around normally and the water was clearing. A few hours later I came back in and found two dead, one looking like it was dying, and the

How many of you are growing plants without CO2 and

23/06/2011· This is the forum for you! Freshwater plant species, freshwater plant lights, freshwater plant water additives, chemistry, and plant nutrition. This forum is also a place to discuss plant-safe fish, CO2 dosing, nutrients, fertilizer, substrates, and other topics of

Plants | My Aquarium Club

To get started with aquarium plants: Root the plants in just enough gravel to keep the plants in place (preferably less than 1/4"). Aquatic plants tend to rot or die prematurely if they are Aquatic plants tend to rot or die prematurely if they are

Stressed fish | Tropical Fish Forums

8/08/2019· I recently built a tank which is only 10 days old. I cycled the tank with bacteria in a bottle and fish food flakes and I added 5 cardinal tetras and 2 guppies in my 10 gallon tank. I have driftwood and a stone along with 7 Amazon sword stems, a java fern and a species of plant that somewhat resembles a cryptocotyne(i dont know which plant it is).

Tetras Fish Tank Fish : Aquarium livestock and dry goods

Serpae Tetra 3cm. Serpae Tetras are small, hardy and very popular fish. They're usually quite peaceful towards other species, but spend a lot of time disputing ranks among themselves

Do Angelfish eat cardinal tetras? [Archive] Aquarium

I raised my angel with tetras and comet goldfish but alas now that my angel is almost 6 inches it has become extremely aggressive. If I miss a feeding time she will eat one of the tetras. So I put in more plants and create a small cave for the tetras to hide in. My school of neon tetras grew and thrived for a bit. Today my angel took out three

Cardinal Tetra Paracheirodon axelrodi | Aquatic

Cardinal Tetra care: As mentioned above, the Cardinal tetra is more sensitive than the Neon tetra when it comes to water quality. The Cardinal tetra is particularly sensitive to nitrate, but the levels of ammonia and nitrite must also be kept down. Frequent water changes should be carried out and food should never be left uneaten in the water

Serpae Tetra Tank Mates: 7 Compatible Fish For A Happy

The Serpae Tetra is a slow-moving fish from the same family as the neon and cardinal tetras. Roughly about the same size as its popular cousins, it is a great fish for your tank, but you need to keep a school of at least six to keep them from being aggressive.

Going to get some cardinal tetras for a 10 gallon...some

29/10/2009· Going to get some cardinal tetras for a 10 gallon...some questions 55469 in Cardinal Tetra forum I've decided to get some cardinal tetras for a 10 gallon tank. Right now, there are no fish currently in the tank, but it is cycled and...

Ich In Community Aquarium With Frogs, Shrimp, Snails

Ich in community aquarium with frogs, shrimp, snails and live plants . . . Last night I discovered that several of my fish are infected with ich. It has affected my cardinal tetras and my neon dwarf rainbow. So far I can't see any visible signs of it on my cory cats, but I'm not able to get a good look at all of them as they like to hide under

Black Widow Tetra Tank Mates: 7 Great Tankmates For

There are few options better for top tank mates for a tetra than another kind of tetra. The cardinal tetra is an ideal tank mate for the Black Widow Tetra for so many reasons. It is a fish that enjoys similar living conditions and the diet as the Black Widow Tetra. Cardinal tetras also love keeping the peace like the black widows. In fact, they

Keep Neon tetra in your fishtank aquarium-fish-plants

Just like the cardinal tetra and other tetra species, the neon tetra prefers dense planting, which consists of fine-grained plants such as the Cabomba aquatica. Ideally, the dense planting should take place in the background, so that enough swimming space is provided for the animals. In contrast to other tetra species, the neon tetra are not


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